Dividend Income Update – September 2019

9 out of 12 months are over and it’s time to sum up the dividends for September. Last year the dividens for September ended on 312 NOK, while this year I recorded dividends of in total 1 340 NOK.

I received the monthly dividend from TransAlta Renewables, quarterly dividend from Mowi and semi-annual dividends from Castellum and Wärtsilä.

The current dividend yield for my portfolio is 4.1%.

I purchased Equinor last month, and subsequent to my buy the company announced a program for repurchase of own shares, which is another way to distribute cash to its shareholders. Read the journal entry here!

I added some shares in Castellum AB after the real estate sector was downgraded by Pareto Securities. The company has increased their dividends the past 22 years, and I expect them to announce a dividend increase for 2019 as well, since their property management income is up 9% as per end of Q2. Read more here

I bought my first shares in Securitas at 147 SEK on the 10 September 2019. The share price reacted very negative on Q2 2019 – figures. I believe the company is well managed, has a stabile growth outlook due to increased urbanisation, promising acquisitions and necessary investments in security technology. Read more here.

On the 11 September I almost doubled my post in TransAlta Renewables, which is a monthly dividend payer.

Finally, I decided to sell 25 % of my holdings in Eolus Vind, find out why I violated my own rules for when to sell a stock.

Every month I will post an update on my monthly dividends. Here you can find last the update for August. Subscribe below to receive a notification when a new post is out.

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