Dividend Income Update – October 2019

Dividend Income Update – October 2019

It’s time to sum up this month’s dividends, even though October is not over yet. I will not receive any more dividends this month and for October I recorded 791 NOK. This is down from last year, but last year I only received dividends from ABG Sundal Collier (which I offloaded during the year). This year I received dividends from three companies, which may be an indication that my portfolio is more diversified compared to last year.

I received the monthly dividend from TransAlta Renewables, quarterly dividend from Hemfosa and semi-annual dividends from Beijer Ref. If we include the witholding tax subtracted from the dividends my dividends this month is actually 902 NOK.

Current dividend yield for my portfolio is 3.7 % compared to 4.1%. The reason why my yield is lower since last month is because I’ve purchased some shares in Nekkar , with no dividend payouts, because I sold some shares in Eolus and because the yield in Tomra and NIBE is lower than my previous dividend yield. The dividend yield is also lower because the share price of my holdings has increased.

If you want to know why I decided to purchase shares in Nekkar you should read my write – up here: Nekkar – time to unveild value.

Above you can find what I expect to receive in dividends in 2020. I’ve estimated that my dividends will increase to ~27.000 NOK, which is an increase of 40%. This increase is due to dividend growth from my companies, but mostly due to purchase of new companies. In October I’ve bought shares in:

Every month I will post an update on my monthly dividends. Here you can find last the update for September.

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