The blog was launched in July 2019 as an investment site for amateur private investors as well as big-swinging dicks who are dedicated to the dividend growth investment – strategy. I created the site for investors like yourself, and my focus on this site will be to document all my stock holdings, choices I make when buying or selling and displaying my dividend income.

To get to know more about my investment strategy I recommend that you read Part 1 first.

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I started out investing in the stock market in 2008, amidst the financial crisis, and have for over a decade tried several different strategies and I know what works for me. In the same period I’ve finished a MSc in Business & Economics. I believe that the power of compounding in the stock market for private investors is best achieved through a dividend strategy because it is easy transferrable to your daily life with monthly pay checks. To read more about my goal check out this post.

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