Investment Journal

Investment Journal

We have all made mistakes and there is no exception in the stock market (hopefully you have made some good decisions as well). To avoid making the same mistakes over and over again, and to replicate your successes, you have to track your investment decisions and the reasoning behind your choices. If you in retrospect are unable to tell what went wrong, you will most probably not make a profit in the long term and this is why you should keep an investment journal!

In part 1 of my mini series I gave you a step-by-step guide on how I apply my set of rules to the investment decisions that I make and in part 3 I explained some of the rational reasons for when to sell a stock. These parts are vital for your investment journal and here you can find my “investment-journal-landing page” where you can find quick links to all my transactions.

The Investment Journal: The format of your investment journal is not that important, and you can change and improve upon the format as you gain more experience. The journal should at least contain your initial purchase decision, cost price, dates and your sell decision.

I prefer a tabular format organised chronologically, based upon the transaction date. Below you can find my journal with quick links to the investment decisions.


CompanyInvestment decisionDate
Sparebanken VestBuy: Low PB compared to peers21.1.2020
Scatec SolarSell: Pricy at 130 NOK per share21.1.2020
Valmet OyjBuy: Out of the woods17.1.2020
Eolus Vind ABSell: Double-bagger sold16.1.2020
NIBE IndustrierSell: EV/EBIT: 31.8 / PE 4015.1.2020


CompanyInvestment decisionDate
Wärtsilä CorporationBuy: IMO 2020-deadline17.1.19
Eolus VindBuy: Nordic wind power developer25.1.19
Equinor ASABuy: Cheap, value stock14.8.19
Scanship HoldingSell: Volatile, growth stock 20.8.19
Mowi ASABuy: High quality28.8.19
Castellum ABBuy: Sector downgrade, buy opportunity?5.9.19
Securitas ABBuy: Stabile growth outlook10.9.19
TransAlta RenewablesBuy: High monthly dividend income machine11.9.19
Eolus VindSell: Sold 25% of my holdings25.9.19
Boule Diagnostics Buy: Adding MedTech to my holdings1.10.2019
Aker ASABuy: ~ 20 % discount to NAV2.10.2019
NIBE IndustrierBuy: Acquisition machine2.10.2019
Nekkar ASABuy: Time to unveild value4.10.2019
Tomra SystemsBuy: Increased position9.10.2019
Eolus VindSell: Sold an additional 25 %16.10.2019
Eolus VindBuy: Added after 10% decline22.10.2019
Biotage ABBuy: High organic growth in Q35.11.2019
Nekkar ASASell: Alternative investment5.11.2019
Lerøy Seafood ASABuy: Discount to peers15.11.2019
Hemfosa ABSell: Takeover bid21.11.2019
Sparebanken VestBuy: 10% bonus, low PB, high ROE22.11.2019
Ocean YieldSell: Capital intensive and low ROIC28.11.2019
Biotage ABBuy: Added to full position2.12.2019
Visa IncBuy: New position2.12.2019

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