Nordic Dividend Growth Stocks

In this list you will find my selection of the currently five best Nordic Dividend Growth Stocks in each Nordic country as per 1 August 2019. The selection is based on number of years with positive dividend history, annual dividend growth, payout ratio and dividend yield. All data is collected from, which is my primary screening source. The dividend points listed below is the sum of eleven screening parameters explained below the table.

Dividend Points: 11 points is the highest score possible and is determined by the Dividend Quality, Dilution effect and Cap size, Cash flow, Profitability and Valuation.

  1. Dividend History (dividend quality)
  2. Dividend Growth (dividend quality)
  3. Payout Ratio (dividend quality)
  4. Increase of the number of shares (Dilution effect and Cap size)
  5. Market value (Dilution effect and Cap size)
  6. Free cash flow margin (Cash flow)
  7. Operating cash flow margin (Cash flow)
  8. Profit margin (Profitability)
  9. Return on assets (Profitability)
  10. Yield (Valuation)
  11. P/E (Valuation)


  1. Hey, thank you for the post and the work you have put behind to be able to share this.
    I am curious, how do you go from the values in the 11 points (div quality, dilution and so on) to actual values in your score from 0 to 11. I can understand why each of the points is relevant but struggle to assign weights and make a clear ranking.

    Thank you 🙂


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